I'm new at this too

Yea, so I just joined, and wanted to say hi. I'm newly straightedge (I've been drug/tobacco free for a long time but this new year I said to hell with alcohol as well), and I am stoked. Anyhow - hey everyone.
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Hello to the few of you that are here...lol
I'm Katie, an sXe girl out of the marvelous [yeah right] Mandarin in the 904 area.
Never done drugs, smoked, drank, or any of that, as parents would call it, "bad or inapropriate behaviour".
I love Poison The Well and other such bands; Lacuna Coil and Lostprophets are my two most favorite.
Ermm...I don't know what else to put, other than I hope more people find this community....
Even thought very few people in 904 are straightedge.........

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hey. i guess im a newbie, and your only one at that!
got bored and was rooting around to try and find comunitys like this one.
im drug free, and have been for a while.
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hey im posting again about the sxe and how some kids at school are claiming to make some kids mad at them, but with the X's on their hands they smoke and what not. they are makng all sxe kids look bad! tell me what to do.
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This is Nick and I am drug free,at least now, not sxe cuz i hardly know ne thing about that.About 3/4 year ago i got caught with pot..and that was like a real reality check. i ended up having to go to bannerman(alternative)school for the first half of the year and it was terrible, along with a bunch of other punishments, plus i gotta record now...so thats y i made my decision not to do drugs ne more bcuz of all the trouble u can get into with it.thats all for now
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hey this is the first post on the edging forward community so if you become a member and your straight-edge or drug-free then just post.
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