...and in the end tears will flow (xintothemoatx) wrote in edgingxforward,
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hey im posting again about the sxe and how some kids at school are claiming to make some kids mad at them, but with the X's on their hands they smoke and what not. they are makng all sxe kids look bad! tell me what to do.
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February 8 2004, 15:35:50 UTC 14 years ago

Just ignore it man. It's not the end of the world. Doing something to stop them would be like gang violence. You're wanting to do something to them because they're wearing your gang-colors (or in this case, your X's). Just let it slide. There're bigger things to worry about than sXe politics. Straight edge is a lifestyle choice and you shouldn't dictate it to people. If they want to make the sXe'ers look bad, counteract that by being an even better person. They'll get tired and you guys'll come out on top. But seriously, I don't see how somebody can make "not doing drugs" look bad. Just don't call yourself "straight edge" and you'll be fine. If somebody asks, tell 'em that you don't do drugs. The less labels you make for yourself, the better off you'll be.
your right but i wont not claim. im just gonna follow my christian beliefs now and let God take controle of the situation. thanx for posting
our community isnt doing good matt
it was just for fun
but hey
it looks cool



February 12 2004, 17:27:12 UTC 14 years ago

Maybe it's because labels are silly, and everyone else realizes it.
Seriously, you guys seem to be too into sXe, and not enough into just being drug-free. It's awesome that you want to rid yourselves of all of the terrible things, but make sure you're doing it for the right reasons...otherwise it's meaningless and you'll be back to whatever it is that you were doing before sXe became cool.